• Are you exhausted and feel like things will never get better while sharing custody with your ex?
  • Does your head spin and heartrate increase every time you see a text or email from him?
  • Are your kid/s suffering from his mind games and manipulation?
I was where you are. I know what it's like to suffer day in, day out, being free but not free at the same time!

I see you in the fire, walking through your own personal hell.

This course is your way out.

In this course, I teach you exactly what I did to take back control, stand in my power, and find peace despite my crazy ex!

If you're willing to change the way you see your situation, to challenge your beliefs, and learn how to counter his abuse of you and your kids, this course is for YOU!

- strengthen your mind (from hopeless to hopeful)
- establish and uphold healthy boundaries (stand in your power)
- clearly and effective communicate specifically to your ex (uplevel your skillset)
- learn healthy coping mechanisms for stress and anxiety (find relief now!)

- feel confident speaking to your kid/s about their dad
- counter the abuse with very specific strategies
- take back your God-given authority to mother your kid/s

- teach your kid/s about unsafe people
- model healthy boundaries
- lead your kid/s to see the truth about who their dad really is and who you truly are (not who the ex portrays you to be)!

*8 modules, 23 videos (20 hrs of content!)  Worth $2500
* Accompanying Workbook: Worth $500
*Access to the content (and any additions I make) for life! (Priceless!)

That’s a total value of $3000 for only $497!
*a payment plan is available

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This is how you counter his abuse and live a life of FREEDOM!

Learn how to stand in your God-given power and authority, Mama! 

Get the course. Schedule time to listen to the video trainings and do the workbook. 

Nothing changes if nothing changes!

You CAN do this, but you've got to take the next step!

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