My daughter and I were looking back through holiday photos and videos from 2016 - 2019 
and it all came crashing back...the ridiculous insanity of co-parenting with a crazy person over the holidays.

For every memory she recounted, I recalled the argument with the ex over that gift, 
hashing out the holiday custody schedule, whining about not being invited to do things with us, 
the scathing texts blaming me for him being alone, 
bringing our kid back on Christmas 3 hours late....the list just goes ON.

I know you know.

Which is why I wrote this e-book for you. 

I thought of you, still in the trenches, having to deal with a person who is hell bent on 
making your holidays drama-filled and chaos-driven.

It's chock full of practical tips, as well as mindset hacks, to help you find peace in the craziness 
AND enjoy your kids during the holiday season! 

You and your kiddos deserve this!

Topics/chapters include :
Examining Your Beliefs and Accepting Your Reality
Spending the Holidays Separately
Making Clear and Solid Plans
Showing Him Zero Emotions
Expecting Drama (and how to handle it)
Gift Giving Made Easy
Designing New Traditions
Canned Responses (2 pages worth!)
Safety Planning

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