My name is Vickie. I began The Survivor Center to help women - just like you - through the 'hell-on-earth' that is co-parenting with a toxic ex. 

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I'm a fierce, faith-filled momma, rising from the ashes of abuse, reaching back into the fire to bring other women with me.

As a 24-year narcissistic abuse survivor, I'm a woman on fire for change.

I empower you to rise up, overcome, rescue yourself, and design the life you want, on your terms.  You can feel whole again, you can look forward to your future because you can create it.

Are you ready to step into your power? You may not feel like you have any, or blame others for taking it from you, but it’s YOURS. I can help you learn to take it back and walk in your truth, finding true and lasting freedom.
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