What Are Other Moms, Like You, Saying?
*Names have been changed for anonymity.
From Anxious and Angry to a Fun and Calm Momma!

Jessica* was stressed out and angry all the time before taking The Co-Parenting Course. She was unable to detach from her ex emotionally because her girls continued to suffer when in his care. After taking the course, she says,

"The course taught me how to be cool and calm and gave me the tools to respond versus react. After the course I noticed even if I have a bad day I’m able to pick myself up quicker than before. My close friends and family have noticed the transformation which also confirms how much I have transformed.

Vickie is extremely helpful and all her knowledge and experience empowered me to be more in control and handle the day to day challenges. The course taught me how to be cool and calm and gave me the tools to respond versus react.

I’m so glad I took the leap and tried this. It will stick for life."

New Momma Empowers Herself For the Road Ahead

As a first time, brand-new momma, Stacey* knew her ex to be a narcissist. On a daily basis, she felt fearful and anxious with every email, every text, every custody exchange. 

"Growth is not linear. Through the course I began developing muscles and skills that are helping me daily. One day, these muscles will help my daughter as she will not fall into the same generational pattern of abuse!

I'm still pulling myself up, recovering from PTSD. Before the course, I would feel and be paralyzed anytime I got an email from my ex. It would feel like the world was crumbling down on me, and I would think, 'Oh, I can't do this.' And now when I get an email, I pull myself together, write my draft and move on! That to me, is a miracle, as I used to feel so overwhelmed before the course.

Coming together with woman who have or are experiencing the same experiences as I am gave me a sense of security, that I wasn’t alone and I am stronger then my abuse!"

Finding Freedom for Herself and Her Kids

Lori* was stuck in a pattern of thinking and speaking negatively about the excruciating dynamic of co-parenting with her abuser.  She felt alone in the fight.

"The course helped me to put a different focus into my life and my kids. Prior to the course I felt stuck in a cycle of stress and anxiety. I feel stronger and more confident now. 

Knowing too that there are a group of us all dealing with practically the same person helps immensely. Sharing our ideas and thoughts and all the while our main focus is to empower ourselves and your kids. 

It’s always a work in progress but now more than ever I can see why it’s important that our thoughts and actions maintain positivity and direct intention to improve our lives and our kids. 

We do not have to live miserably. We can live normal lives and be happy and let our exes be angry and not let it trigger us."

I know what it's like being in your shoes because I WAS there, just a few years ago.
I pray this blesses you, Sister!

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