Hey, Momma Bear.

It's Back to School time, and while social media shows 
kids happily skipping into their classrooms, 
with both of their parents smiling at them,
that isn't our story, is it?

It's not for us to simply worry 
whether they will do well in their studies 
or make friends on the playground.

Sending our kids off to school 
SHOULD BE a safe, neutral place 
for them to learn, have fun 
and thrive.


When their father is a narcissist, 
and uses school as a place to 
exert his coercive control,
and flex his 'parental rights'
"back to school" becomes 
an entirely different ballgame and oftentimes
a nightmare,
for you, for me, and 
- most importantly - our kids!

I'm a fierce momma bear just like you, 
and for five years I shared custody with a narcissist 
who lived across the street from our child's elementary school.

You can imagine the drama he brought to my daughter's school day!

I used to feel unheard, stressed, and anxious sending her to school.

You too?

Join me for a Back to School Masterclass
full of practical tips and mindset shifts, 
to help you go from anxious and stressed 
to confident and in control.

In this Masterclass you will...
1. Get clear about your situation (no longer just 'hoping he'll do the right thing')
2. Shift your communication strategies to align with results
3. Empower your kids to speak up for themselves
4. Learn how to create a support team at school (teachers, principals, staff, etc.)
5. Set proper expectations for your kids and the ex around school
6. Learn practical tools to ease anxiety around school + the abuser
7. Develop a plan to help your kid/s feel safe at school
8. Position yourself as THE primary parent!

4 pre-recorded videos
Guide + workbook
Live Recording of Video # 5, with Q+A
(Wednesday, 8/31/22 @7pm ET. A Zoom link will be sent to you after registering)

Want to know if I can help you?
Take a listen for 1 tip from the masterclass!

What are others saying 
after taking this masterclass?

"Tears! Tears welled up when you talked about being 
angry at myself MORE than I am at him. Yes, it's been years.
Time to forgive myself and help my kid!"

- Sarah
"I was inspired and felt brave after listening to your video on speaking the truth to my daughter's school. So, I sent an email to her teacher, calmly telling her about our 'high-conflict' situation. It's the first time I've dared breathe a word about it to the school.

She just responded that she has experience with our exact type of situation and will be a support to my daughter. I feel so relieved! Thank you for encouraging us to do the hard/scary things!"

- Ana
"This class helped me set myself and my kids up for success this school year. I did all of the things you said to do with the school, with the ex, and with my kiddos. So far, drama has been much less than last year, and my kids are no longer anxious at drop off and pick up!"

- Janine