Do You Feel Frustrated Co-Parenting With a Narcissist?
Do you feel like you’re stuckfrustrated, experiencing a total lack of peace?  

Do you also hear yourself say, “My kids are my life!” or, “My children are EVERYTHING to me.” 

Don’t worry! I’m not going to start telling you to practice self care!   

At one time in my journey, everything I was doing revolved around keeping my kid safe. I was constantly putting out fires with the ex, constantly feeling controlled, just All The Things. For a while I was saying that my daughter was my life. She was the catalyst for me to leave (both times), she was the fuel to fight for the best custody situation for her, and she was the inspiration to sometimes work four different jobs to ensure I was there for her before and after school. My whole schedule revolved around her - can you relate?

Everything was piling up and weighing on me, and one day I just couldn’t hold it in anymore. I sat down on the floor and sobbed. It all came crashing down on me and I couldn’t hide the feelings like I usually did. My daughter was scared when she saw me crying and she begged me to stop. She didn’t understand because she had never seen me that upset. We moms hold it all together because our kids are our lives.

When I saw her face and how scared she was, I had a moment where I thought, “Well, that’s not fair! Your dad can cry all the time and I can’t even have a moment?!?” But that was a pivotal decision point for me because I realized that as much as I believe she is my life…I am HER life. I’m her rock. She doesn’t have anyone else to rely on but me and she couldn’t handle her rock breaking down.

After that, I decided to focus on three areas where I needed growth: MindsetBoundaries, and Communication (with the ex).

These three things are big, important, and pretty overwhelming. So I just decided to start. I began getting up early to work on my mindset which for me was to read my Bible and journal. Then I started reading about how to set boundaries and putting it into practice. And finally I started working on different ways of communicating with the ex. The Co-Parenting Course was born from this experience!

The course is set up with these three areas of focus right at the beginning. When we say that our kids are our lives and yet we’re barely hanging by a thread as we deal with their dad in the wrong mindset, with no boundaries, and lacking communication skills, then we are teaching our kids to follow the same pattern. I want to encourage you to recognize that YOU are YOUR KIDS’ life. I want to empower you to grow in these three areas so you can break the old abuse pattern and thrive, teaching your kids how to do the same!

If you're wanting help in this area, enroll in the Co-Parenting Course. I know you will be helped and blessed with the videos, workbook, and group coaching. 

Just start my friend! One step at a time! God has called you to this purpose for such a time as this!
God made you for this!



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