Escaping Narcissistic Abuse!
It’s 6 years later, and I still have moments of gratitude that take my breath away.

July 31, 2016 -  My daughter and I escaped my ex for the last and final time.

This week in August of 2016,  you would have found me exhausted and weak, feverish, bundled with a scarf around my neck in the 95 degree heat, coughing, congested, with pneumonia —  walking into a pawn shop to sell all of my gold jewelry. That money would pay for food for our bellies, to keep the A/C running, and the lights on in our newly rented condo, while I looked for a job.

You would have seen me dragging my sick-as-a-dog self to the jewelry store where my ex bought my engagement ring to get the appraisal info. And you would have seen me package up my ring - after praying for my daughter to know her worth when it’s her turn to marry - and mail it to WP Diamonds in exchange for rent money to cover the next 2 months.

You would have seen me come home to an emergency custody hearing summons taped to my door (for the next day!).

And you would have seen me attend court for the 1st time and win - for the 1st (not the last) time. 

So today in 2022, I still have moments where the struggle and the fear flash back - and the reality of the peace and the ease I experience now washes over me. 

I know my story is your story - in one or many ways.

We have come SO FAR, SISTERS. 

So Far!

Celebrating US today.

PS - I wrote a guide to empower your kids to thrive, despite the abuse from their dad! Click on the link below. Help is on the way to your inbox!

Love you, Sister. You were made for this battle in sharing custody with a narcissist. I believe in you!
God made you for this!



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