The Narcissist Won't Stop: He is Relentless
As you navigate your co-parenting relationship with a narcissistic ex, do you find yourself asking these questions?

Will he ever stop?
Why won’t he just give up?
Why does he keep bothering us?
Why does he keep putting the kids in the middle?
Why does he keep asking the same question over and over again?

I asked these questions in my own dealings with the ex. And in the middle of the battle, I answered my own questions:

No. He. Is. Relentless.
When I was still living with him, he would keep me up all hours of the night - he’d wake me up at 3 am just to start an argument! There was no boundary he wouldn’t cross just to keep the drama going. 

Separating and divorcing didn’t change any of it. The abuse didn’t end; he was relentless. He just would NOT STOP.

Does this ring true for you? 

As you attempt to co-parent, he might ask the same question over and over again, hoping to get a different answer. He might start having the kids ask you the same question - using them as pawns in his game. 

Or you might ask him a question and instead of a direct answer, he brings up things from 3 years ago that have nothing to do with what you’re asking!

I get it, this can really bring you down. It can be overwhelming and depressing. 

Take a moment to let this sink in, and then accept this as truth

He is relentless and he will not stop.
This might seem like a hard pill to swallow but once you realize that he will never stop, you can shift your thinking and stand in your own power! 

You will no longer be looking for him to give up. You can focus on getting really good at direct, non-emotional communication and upholding firm boundaries. 

Trust me! I'm a former doormat who thought this guy was my Achilles heel! Yet I learned how to stand firm in my power and hold those necessary boundaries. And you can, too!

I remember when I sent that first text setting a boundary that I would no longer accept a hug from the ex at custody exchanges. When the time came and he moved toward me to embrace me, I held up my hand and said, “No.” It was uncomfortable and scary. I was shaking the whole time, but I did it. And it worked!

Do you want to get to that place where you can stand in your power to effectively communicate and uphold boundaries with your ex? 

I want to help you get there. I’ve created a course to give you the tools and the coaching you need to make it happen. Because these dudes are relentless, you absolutely need to have those tools in your kit not just for you, but for your kids. 

Enroll in the course today, and get immediate access to the help you need now!

Once you start implementing the things you will learn in the Co-Parenting With a Narcissist course, you will pass them on. You’ll teach your kids the way they should go so that they are not bullied by their dad anymore, not bullied by kids in school, and they will not marry or become abusers!
God made you for this!



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